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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH] PM: Avoid losing wakeup events during suspend
On Mon, Jun 21, 2010 at 08:10:58AM -0400, wrote:
> So where are we at this point?

The patches are in James Bottomly's tree.

> Discussion had completely died down for a while, and it's picked up
> again, but it's not clear to me that we're any closer to reaching
> consensus.

I thought we (linux community and Android) where ok with the plist /
pm-qos implementation of the building blocks needed to implement the
suspend blocker feature on top of a pm-qos request class (I think the
name was "interactive") pretty much the exact same symantecs as the
suspend blocker thing, just with pm-qos kernel api's.

> There's been one proposal that we simply merge in a set of no-op
> inline functions for suspend blockers, just so we can get let the
> drivers go in (assuming that Greg K-H believes this is still a
> problem), but with an automatical removal of N months (N to be
> decided, say 9 or 12 or 18 months).

I'd rather see the re-tooling of pmqos happen.

> My concern is that if we do that, we will have simply kicked the ball
> down the road for N months. Another approach is to simply merge in
> no-op functions and not leave any kind of deprecation schedule.
> That's sort of an implicit admission of the fact that we may not reach
> consensus on this issue. Or we could simply ship the patches as-is to
> Linus after he gets back from vacation and ask him for a thumbs up or
> thumbs down vote, which might settle things once and for all.
> How do we go forward from here?
put the pm_qos -plist update into linux-next?


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