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SubjectRe: 2.6.35-rc3 regression: IBM Maia system is unbootable [ACPI related?]
James Bottomley <> writes:

> The system in question has a set of root bridges, with the CD rom (which
> is seen) being on bus 0 and the SCSI controller, which doesn't show up
> being on bus 1 (with several other things on busses > 1).
> The system uses ACPI to detect the multiple bridges, so it seems that
> this failure in 2.6.35-rc3:
> ACPI: Core revision 20100428
> ACPI Error: Hardware did not enter ACPI mode (20100428/evxfevnt-103)
> ACPI Warning: AcpiEnable failed (20100428/utxface-147)
> ACPI: Unable to enable ACPI

That probably causes all the other problems. Without ACPI enabled
modern systems generally do not work.

Just guessing, but maybe try to revert


That was the last change in this area.

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