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    SubjectRe: Hardware Error Kernel Mini-Summit
    > There was a case mentioned at the collaboration summit
    > meeting where a BIOS bug mis-reported whether ECC was
    > enabled - claiming it was on, when in fact it was off.

    Yes I heard about that, but since it's not a single bit setting
    there are lots of different ways it could be broken in theory.

    To check it you really need to have a tool that knows about
    all the registers and checks them all.

    It's a bit like checking if someone speaks a foreign language
    by asking them a single question with a one letter answer.

    > of the chipset specific code against each other. An EDAC
    > driver that tells you that ECC is enabled might be lying too,
    > if it is looking at the wrong bit or the wrong register.


    It's asking a question with a one word answer where you don't
    know the correct answer.


    -- -- Speaking for myself only.

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