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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] optionally ignore non-maintainer tags wrote:
> Using --git to determine who to send a patch to, it is not
> reasonable to include people that only reported an issue or tested a
> patch. Thus we restrict the candidates to be the one's listed with
> Reviewed-By, Signed-Off-By and Acked-By tags.
> Signed-Off-By:'s because that are people who are responsible for the code
> in question.
> Reviewed-By:'s because people responsible for the code in question
> obviously thought that the review-feedback for this changeset by that
> person was valuable.
> The Acked-By: is questionable, but as people listed with this tag
> tend to be active linux gatekeepers, false positives are tolerable.

This and " only list maintainers by default" in
conjunction: Reviewed-by: Stefan Richter <>
But *don't* record this in the git history because then somebody might
think I want to be Cc'd on patches.
Stefan Richter
-=====-==-=- -=-= -=--=

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