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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/1] fix-taskstates-in-sched_switch-trace.patch
Hi Steven,

> I just notice that this patch was never applied. Anyone against
> applying it?
Needless to say that I would like to see it applied.

This patch removes duplicate strings and moves all task state related
definitions to a single location to prevent future changes from being
made at one place and omitted at another place.

In addition, if fixes an incorrectly displayed task state of the
sched_switch trace event (which probably was the result of having the
same info at several places).

The principle of this patch made it already into PREEMPT_RT of 2.6.31
and 2.6.33 nearly 3 months ago - and is running smoothly since then.

Thanks for taking care of the patch.


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