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    SubjectRe: possible locking bug in tty_open
    On Sun, 2 May 2010 22:47:33 +0200
    Arnd Bergmann <> wrote:

    > While playing some more with my TTY BKL patches, I stumbled over
    > what looks like a bug in tty_open, introduced in e8c6210
    > "tty: push the BKL down into the handlers a bit":
    > After the "retry_open:" label, we first get the tty_mutex
    > and then the BKL. However a the end of tty_open, we jump
    > back to retry_open with the BKL still held. If we run into
    > this case, the tty_open function will be left with the BKL
    > still held.
    > It may be impossible to actually trigger this bug, because
    > the path is only taken if a tty driver open function returns
    > -ERESTARTSYS without setting signal_pending().

    It looks pretty much impossible to trigger but it's definitely a bug.
    I'll send Greg a patch

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