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Subjectgit bisect questions...
Trying to bisect my way through linux-next to track down a nasty DRM bug that
hoses the nouveau driver, and I have a few questions:

1) I look at 'git bisect visualize', and I see a nice merge point that I
am fairly sure will (a) bisect as good and (b) trim out a *lot* of ancestor
commits in one shot. If I do a 'git reset --hard <merge commit>', will
that make the next 'git bisect' do what I want?

2) I'm down to the last 100 or so commits, and I have a at least 3 'git
bisect skip' in there already because of a (presumably) unrelated oops.
I'm pretty sure that commit 10fd883ce384706f88554a0b08cc4d63345e7d8b is
the fix - how do I logically move that commit to right after the commit
22dd82a3f5ceef72be19e502418823a2f8801ed0 which introduced the oops, so
I can bisect through the 70 or so commits in between? I know it involves
"git cherrypick", but have no clue how to do it...

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