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SubjectRe: [linux-pm] [PATCH 0/8] Suspend block api (version 8)
ext Felipe Contreras wrote:

> I think this information can be obtained dynamically while the
> application is running,

yes, that was the idea

> and perhaps the limits can be stored. It would
> be pretty difficult for the applications to give this kind of
> information because there are so many variables.
> For example, an media player can tell you: this clip has 24 fps, but
> if the user is moving the time slider, the fps would increase and drop
> very rapidly, and how much depends at least on the container format
> and type of seek.

I doubt that belongs to typical QoS. Maybe the target could be to be
able to decode a sequence of i-frames?
> A game or a telephony app could tell you "I need real-time priority"
> but so much as giving the details of latency and bandwidth? I find
> that very unlikely.

from my gaming days the games were still evaluated in fps ... maybe i
made the wrong assumption?

A telephony app should still be able to tell if it's dropping audio frames.

In all cases there should be some device independent limit - like: what
is the sort of degradation that is considered acceptable by the typical

Tuning might be offered, but at least this should set some sane set of


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