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SubjectRe: [PATCH v21 001/100] eclone (1/11): Factor out code to allocate pidmap page
On Sat, 2010-05-01 at 15:10 -0700, David Miller wrote:
> NO WAY, there is no way in the world you should post 100 patches
> at a time to any mailing list, especially those at
> that have thousands upon thousands of subscribers.
> Post only small, well contained, sets of patches at a time. At most
> 10 or so in one go.

Hi Dave,

I really do apologize if these caused undue traffic on vger. It
certainly wasn't our intention to cause any problems.

We've had a fear all along that we'll just go back into our little, and go astray of what the
community wants done with these patches. It's also important to
remember that these really do affect the entire kernel. Unfortunately,
it's not really a single feature or something that fits well on any
other mailing list. It has implications _everywhere_. I think Andrew
Morton also asked that these continue coming to LKML, although his
request probably came at a time when the set was a wee bit smaller.

> Do you realize how much mail traffic you generate by posting so many
> patches at one time, and how unlikely it is for anyone to actually
> sift through and review your patches after you've spammed them by
> posting so many at one time?

I honestly don't expect people to be reading the whole thing at once.
But, I do hope that people can take a look at their individual bits that
are touched.

> A second infraction and I will have no choice but to block you at the
> SMTP level at so please do not do it again.

I know these patches are certainly not at the level of importance as,
say the pata or -stable updates, but they're certainly not of
unprecedented scale. I've seen a number of patchbombs of this size

I hope Andrew pulls this set into -mm so this doesn't even come up
again. But, if it does, can you make some suggestions on how to be more
kind to vger in the process?

-- Dave

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