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SubjectRe: really generic, type save and type definable. wrote:
> The main goal was to provide an API which is very intuitive, save and easy
> to use. So linux will get now a powerful fifo API which provides all what
> a developer needs. This will save in the future a lot of kernel space, since
> there is no need to write an own implementation. Most of the device driver
> developers need a fifo, and also deep kernel development will gain benefit
> from this API.

The meaning of the term "multiple readers" referred to in the header is somewhat
ambiguous. It could in principle refer to concurrent reading of the same
position, or concurrent reading from different positions. Imaginably, those
cases also have different locking behavior.

What happens if two fifos are initialized with the same memory buffer?

What about one-to-many and many-to-one cases? The input system and the logging
facilities could serve as examples where such buffers would be useful.


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