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    SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH] Quickstart Button ACPI driver to serve PNP0C32 ACPI devices
    On Fri, May 28, 2010 at 07:40:09PM +0200, Thomas Renninger wrote:
    > Hi,
    > if you have a recent Microsoft Office format reader you find some
    > documentation here:
    > I finally got it converted and these should be readable in OpenOffice as well:
    > The idea of these buttons is that they are undefined from BIOS/kernel
    > point of view. Userspace has to map a functionality to them.
    > Therefore the idea to modify the input event keycode via sysfs file.

    What s wrong with using EVIOCSKEYCODE to adjust the mapping. Note that
    the issue of handlers not re-binding after keymap change should be
    solved regardless.

    > There should be 2 situations that perfectly are triggered via userspace:
    > - DMI match (or similar) and assign the correct buttons on the known
    > machine. I know that hal could do this rather well and had dmi
    > tables pre-defined. AFAIK hal is already obsolete? What userspace
    > tools/lists would be best to ask?

    udev/hal remap keys on laptop keyboards, they should have facilities to
    do that here as well.

    > - If the button is undefined, a higher level userspace X application
    > could ask the user to set it to something useful. For this to
    > happen the usage id has to be passed somehow through the input
    > layer. Not sure how realistic such an implementation is and what
    > is still needed in X to make this happen.

    Yes, KEY_UNKNOWN is expected to cause such behavior.


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