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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/3] workqueue: Add an API to create a singlethread workqueue attached to the current task's cgroup

    On 05/28/2010 05:08 PM, Michael S. Tsirkin wrote:
    > Well, we have create_singlethread_workqueue, right?
    > This is not very different ... is it?
    > Just copying structures and code from workqueue.c,
    > adding vhost_ in front of it will definitely work:

    Sure it will, but you'll probably be able to get away with much less.

    > there is nothing magic about the workqueue library.
    > But this just involves cut and paste which might be best avoided.

    What I'm saying is that some magic needs to be added to workqueue and
    if you add this single(!) exception, it will have to be backed out
    pretty soon, so it would be better to do it properly now.

    > One final idea before we go the cut and paste way: how about
    > 'create_workqueue_from_task' that would get a thread and have workqueue
    > run there?

    You can currently depend on that implementation detail but it's not
    the workqueue interface is meant to do. The single threadedness is
    there as execution ordering and concurrency specification and it
    doesn't (or rather won't) necessarily mean that a specific single
    thread is bound to certain workqueue.

    Can you please direct me to have a look at the code. I'll be happy to
    do the conversion for you.



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