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SubjectRe: [PATCH][RFC] AIO: always reinitialize iocb->ki_run_list at the end of aio_run_iocb()
On Wednesday 26 May 2010 23:38:35 Jeff Moyer wrote:
> I can vaguely recall discussion surrounding the reference counting of
> cancel methods, but I have no idea what the actual contents of those
> discussions were. Sorry, my memory has failed me. Either Zach or
> Suparna might remember better.
> Sergey, the cancellation path, unfortunately, is not well exercised as
> I'm sure you are aware. As you pointed out, the only implementation of
> a cancel method is the usb gadget interface. Now, given that they've
> worked fine with the extra put in their cancel method, I'm not sure why
> you can't do the same.
Well, in fact, they have only one aio_put_req() in their cancel method. This
is the code from 2.6.34:

static int ep_aio_cancel(struct kiocb *iocb, struct io_event *e)
struct kiocb_priv *priv = iocb->private;
struct ep_data *epdata;
int value;

epdata = priv->epdata;
// spin_lock(&epdata->dev->lock);
if (likely(epdata && epdata->ep && priv->req))
value = usb_ep_dequeue (epdata->ep, priv->req);
value = -EINVAL;
// spin_unlock(&epdata->dev->lock);

return value;

And adding extra aio_put_req() to the cancel method will not fix failing
kick_iocb() which is another problem and this patch is supposed to address it.

> I'd rather not muddy these waters even further. Unless there is a
> compelling reason why the patch author cannot do an extra put in his
> cancel method, I'd say that is the best way forward.

This patch is not about reference counting - it's about kick_iocb() failing
due to NULL values of iocb-> and iocb->ki_run_list.prev which
are left after aio_run_iocb().

> Cheers,
> Jeff

Regards, Sergey Temerkhanov,
Cifronic ZAO

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