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SubjectRe: Controlling Driver Load Order
Robert Emanuele wrote:
> Hi Wolfram,
> I am using the i2c-gpio.c driver, not the i2c-at91 driver. The Atmel
> folks have expressed concerns over their i2c silicon and wrote a gpio
> version.
> Anyway, I better understand the subsys_initcall now and applied that
> to the i2c-gpio and my i2c chip driver. That worked perfectly for my
> issue. I'd be happy to return a patch of this. Would be this the
> sort of thing that would benefit from a config option? Something
> like:
> #if defined(CONFIG_EARLY_i2C_GPIO)
> subsys_initcall(i2c_gpio_init);
> #else
> module_init(i2c_gpio_init);
> #endif

Looks like this has already been done:

There was a discussion a while back to make all of the embedded i2c
busses be subsys_initcall since i2c is often a system bus on embedded
devices. Looks the i2c_gpio driver got missed the first time round.


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