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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/2] Enlarge the storage of chars in virtual terminal
    Thanks for reply.

    > This has been suggested a couple of times but unfortunately it's not
    > enough to use bigger fonts. Rendering many non western languages is far
    > far more complex. In addition the text mode vt driver is limited to 512
    > symbols by the hardware.
    Why is it complex? IMHO Rendering non-western languages is nothing more than
    rendering 2 ASCII chars. The current mainline kernel already rendered these
    chars with right width(but with 0xfffd glyph), and also has unicode mapping
    support. Without fixing other drivers, the work on fbcon is merely breaking
    the 512 limit.

    The hardware limitation can be done in vgacon/mgacon/... drivers. They set
    the fonts, they have right to refuse fonts with more than 512 chars.
    Breaking lower level limitations won't impact them.

    > Doing it right means putting the entirity of Pango into the kernel. I'd
    > rather not do that when the job can be done better via a user space
    > application and pty/tty pair.
    IMHO A user space application doing such thing is just re-implementation of
    virtual terminal support, without the 512 limitation. Why does we keeping
    re-inventing the wheel?

    I've already done the rendering, with this patch, removing several font size
    limitations, and a user space font loader using PIO_FONTX ioctl.
    It's much easier than pango, because the font is fixed on width and height.

    Just an enlargement on a data structure can provide such a good feature
    (important to console lovers like me), why not?

    Frank Pan

    Computer Science and Technology
    Tsinghua University
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