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SubjectRe: [10/24] vfs: Add no_nrwrite_index_update writeback control flag
On 05/25/2010 12:12 PM, Greg KH wrote:
> I've now dropped those next two ext4 patches. If someone wants to get
> this bug fixed for the .27 tree, please feel free to send me the
> patches.

I'll nominate Ted's "ext4: Use our own write_cache_pages()" patch for
.27-stable when it hits mainline. If it is included in -stable, then
those last two ext4 patches can be re-applied.

> Personally, I doubt many people care about ext4 on the .27 kernel
> release...

In any case, 2.6.27 is a good kernel, and ext4 is a good FS, IMO.


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