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    Subjectbuilding linux kernel

    I am using fedora11 on my PC. I downloaded the linux kernel souce code.
    I copied config file from /boot directory and tried to compile. I am
    getting some compilation errors.
    So I configured the kernel, with 'make defconfig', and it is
    compiling successfully.
    But when I am booting my machine with new kernel, it simply starts and
    displays '-' at top of the screen. nothing more.

    My question is are fedora and linux kernel are connected or not? If so how?
    I thinks linux kernel runs for a while, when it is booted. But after
    that control comes to fedora.

    For example, in Fedora we can play chess.Windows are
    displayed.......etc ...many graphical things are there.
    I don't think that these gaphics, chess game.....are not part of linux kernel.
    Am I right?

    Also, some time back when I was using fedora10, I configured linux
    kernel with /boot/ config file. I successfully compiled and run new
    linux kernel.
    When I boot with new kernel, it is still going into fedora. But when I
    run uname command it is showing new kernel version. But how come I was
    able to play chess game? chess game is not part of kernel.

    So if you got what I am asking, please tell me how to disconnect
    fedora and linux kernel? So when I boot with new kernel only kernel's
    things should be running. not fedora's chess game. How to disconnect

    Thanks in advance

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