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SubjectRE: [PATCH] online CPU before memory failed in pcpu_alloc_pages()

>> But currently, I don't
>> >think you can use the numa_mem_id()/cpu_to_mem() interfaces for your
>> >purpose. I suppose you could change page_alloc.c to compile
>> >local_memory_node() #if defined(CONFIG_HAVE_MEMORYLESS_NODES) ||
>> >defined
>> >(CPU_HOTPLUG) and use that function to find the nearest memory. It
>> >should return a valid node after zonelists have been rebuilt.
>> >
>> >Does that make sense?
>> Yes, besides, I need to find a place in hotplug path to call set_numa_mem()
>> just as you mentioned for ia64 platform. Is my understanding right ?
>I don't think you can use any of the "numa_mem" functions on x86[_64]
>without doing a lot more work to expose memoryless nodes. On x86_64,
>numa_mem_id() and cpu_to_mem() always return the same as numa_node_id()
>and cpu_to_node(). This is because x86_64 code hides memoryless nodes
>and reassigns all cpus to nodes with memory. Are you planning on
>changing this such that memoryless nodes remain on-line with their cpus
>associated with them? If so, go for it! If not, then you don't need
>to [can't really, I think] use set_numa_mem()/cpu_to_mem() for your
>purposes. That's why I suggested you arrange for local_memory_node() to
>be compiled for CPU_HOTPLUG and call that function directly to obtain a
>nearby node from which you can allocate memory during cpu hot plug. Or,
>I could just completely misunderstand what you propose to do with these
>percpu variables.

Got it, thank you very much for detailed explanation.


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