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Subject[Regression] Commit "power_supply: Use attribute groups" breaks KDE battery monitor on openSUSE 11.3 M6
Hi Anton,

Your commit 5f487cd34f4337f9bc27ca19da72a39d1b0a0ab4 (power_supply: Use
attribute groups) unfortunately breaks KDE 4.4's battery monitor from openSUSE
11.3 Milestone 6 on my Acer Ferrari One. Apparently, the battery monitor can't
access the sysfs battery attributes with this commit applied.

Reverting the commit along with commit 0011d2d4a5f7bb5666dcfb9f9b3dbdb084ab98f1
(power_supply: Add support for writeable properties) fixes the problem for me, but
reverting commit 0011d2d4a5f7bb5666dcfb9f9b3dbdb084ab98f1 alone doesn't fix it,
so it looks like your commit is the source of the problem.


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