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SubjectRe: Ubuntu boot time on imac
On 05/24/2010 02:33 PM, Chriss Kalogeropoulos wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have also posted this on ubuntu forums hoping for an answer but i
> believe this is the right place
> i have a 24'' imac core duo 2 (2007 model), 4GB ram, nvidia 7600
> I recently installed ubuntu lucid 64 bit and everything worked
> perfectly. The boot times where 14.5 secs on a clean installation from
> grub to full desktop. I even enabled the xorg-edgers repo and nouveau
> with 3d was working almost perfectly. The boot time was around 20-23
> secs with compiz enabled and 2.6.34-2 kernel installed from xorg-edgers.
> What i tried next was to manually compile the 2.6.34 kernel and
> statically link all drivers, to improve performance and boot time a bit.
> This also worked fine and the system works ok.
> However, i did not see any improvements during boot (around 20 secs) and
> there is a huge gap of 10 second from the time the kernel initializes
> usb until udev is started. The logs are completely empty.
> The build has only the necessary drivers. Can someone explain what is
> happening and if there is a way to improve on that ?
> Are there any kernel options or tools i can use to get more info on what
> is happening during this period ?
> I attach my kernel config, a dmesg log and the boot chart png
> Please cc me since i am not on the list
> Thanks in advance

had the something similar(15 sec pause during boot)
ended up being(for me at-least) in /lib/udev/write_net_rules,
removing this get a smooth boot, but there were other caseses
that this was not the case(instead was something in /etc/udev/*)

to debug add a --debug when starting udev i.g.
udev --debug etc...(should show info on screen)

Justin P. Mattock

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