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SubjectRE: [linux-pm] Power Domain Framework

> Yeah, sure - obviously, the generic concept of power domains is
> something that does exist within the off-SoC hardware, but on-SoC the
> end implementation is a bit different.

Exactly. This is what I can see if we can bridge this "a bit different".

True, I am dumb to miss out some points, but I think with more inputs,
more thinking, we can definitely make it generic!

Thinking out loud ( excuse me if this is dumb), At the end of the day,
how I see this benefiting a lay driver developer is : use the regulator
API for the appropriate power sources - your SoC domain, your external
regulator domain..etc..etc and ensure a very efficient (probably) run
time PM for your device. All that the Platform guy will do is iterate
a list of domains on the platform, provide hookups, ensure constraints
etc and the job is done. Even if the same IP is used on a different SoC,
you still ensure efficient savings in your driver itself.

> As I said in reply to the patch I am concerned that this may be an
> oversimplification relative to what general hardware needs.
Ohh. for the patch set, as I said, its only a primitive implementation.
With your inputs, we can definitely make it more efficient!


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