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    Subject[PATCH -v17 00/37] Use lmb with x86
    the new lmb could be used to replace early_res in x86.

    Suggested by: David, Ben, and Thomas

    -v6: change sequence as requested by Thomas
    -v7: seperate them to more patches
    -v8: add boundary checking to make sure not free partial page.
    -v9: use lmb_debug to control print out of reserve_lmb.
    add e820 clean up, and e820 become __initdata
    -v10:use lmb.rmo_size and ARCH_DISCARD_LMB according to Michael
    change name to lmb_find_area/reserve_lmb_area/free_lmb_area,
    according to Michael
    update find_lmb_area to use __lmb_alloc_base according to ben
    -v11:move find_lmb_area_size back to x86.
    x86 has own find_lmb_area, and could be disabled by ARCH_LMB_FIND_AREA
    because _lmb_find_base has different behavoir from x86's old one.
    one from high to high and one from low to high
    need more test
    tested for x86 32bit/64bit, numa/nonuma, nobootmem/bootmem.
    -v12:refresh the series with current tip
    seperate nobootmem.c, so could remove some #ifdef
    still keep CONFIG_NO_BOOTMEM, in x86 .c, and could use the as tags
    so other lmb could refer them to use NO_BOOTMEM.

    -v14:refresh to current tip

    -v15:remove x86 version lmb_find_area
    remove other nobootmem and x86 e820 from this patchset

    -v16: rebase to Ben's cleanup powerpc/lmb
    move back most func back to arch/x86/mm/lmb.c

    -v17: remove exposing of lmb_add_region
    seperate first lmb core related patch to several small patches.

    this patcheset is based on tip/master+powerpc/lmb

    1. use for_each_lmb to replace for cycle
    2. replace range handling with lmb.
    3. kill __lmb_find_area and use lmb_find_area directly



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