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SubjectRe: [PATCH 01/35] lmb: prepare x86 to use lmb to replace early_res
On Thu, 2010-05-13 at 23:19 -0700, Yinghai wrote:
> > If we expose LMB_ERROR then all lmb calls that can fail should
> return
> > that. However, the API calls all return 0 instead. Changing that
> means
> > fixing all callers.
> ok will stop use LMB_ERROR out lib/lmb.c
> will go back to use -1ULL for x86 path.

No. That is not the point. Read the rest of my email !

We need to -sanitize- those errors. _Maybe_ exposing LMB_ERROR is the
right way to do so, but in that case, we need to make -all- function use
the same error code. Right now, some fail with 0 and some with

You are also not responding to my other comments such as:

> > I'm also not too happy with exposing lmb_add_region(). Why would you
> > ever need to expose it ? Just call lmb_reserve() if you want to
> reserve
> > something. lmb_add_region() is an internal function and has no
> business
> > being used outside of the main lmb.c file.



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