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SubjectRe: [PATCH 12/12] Use down_read_unfair() for /sys/<pid>/exe and /sys/<pid>/maps files
> > Is it good idea?
> > So I think /proc shouldn't use unfair thing as backdoor.
> > It doesn't only makes performance improvement, but also
> > DoS chance is there.
> I am not entirely surprised that there is some level of opposition to
> this change (which is in part why it went last in the series).
> Besides keeping it internal, would there be ways to make it acceptable
> to the community ? For example, would it be fine if unfair behavior
> was only used if the caller thread runs with root priviledge ?

Umm. seems no good idea.


In nowadays, root priviledge should be considered to blocked by security module.
but this using way can't combinate with any security module. at least we need
more proper and security friendly interface.

> In my opinion the optimal behavior would be if the rwsem could be
> allowed to be grabbed unfairly only as long as there are still fair
> readers on it. However, I don't see how to achieve this given that we
> don't want to slow down the regular, fair code paths.

dumb question.
Why do you need to read /proc/<pid>/exec and /proc/<pid>/maps?
To make new /proc files makes help?

IOW, do we really need unfair reader? can't we make more fine grained lock?

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