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Subjectsystem locks up when CD burn fails
I have a couple hundred boxes running kernels from 2.6.12 through 
that each burn a backup to a IDE CD-ROM once a week. Every couple of
months one of the boxes (_not_ the same one each time) runs into some sort
of error when burning the CD and the entire box locks up (unable to toggle
numlock even). I have not been able to find any correlation between
failures and anything on the system.

when the system locks up it doesn't log anything, and the screen just
freezes in the middle of the cdrecord status (X of Y MB written) with no
error message.

I'm actually not worried that much about the burn failing, The problem is
that the burn failing will take out the entire system. Is there anything
that I should be doing to make the systems more robust in the face of such

David Lang

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