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Subject[RFC] new ->perform_write fop

I just started adding aio_write to Btrfs and I noticed we're duplicating _alot_
of the generic stuff in mm/filemap.c, even though the only thing thats really
unique is the fact that we copy userspace pages in chunks rather than one page a
t a time. What would be best is instead of doing write_begin/write_end with
Btrfs, it would be nice if we could just do our own perform_write instead of
generic_perform_write. This way we can drop all of these generic checks we have
that we copied from filemap.c and just got to the business of actually writing
the data. I hate to add another file operation, but it would _greatly_ reduce
the amount of duplicate code we have. If there is no violent objection to this
I can put something together quickly for review. Thanks,


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