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    SubjectRe: Driver for a SmartCard interface on a SoC
    > > I'd say drivers/char if its a generic char device, but if its MX25
    > > specific code entirely then drivers/platform or arch/.../platform.
    > This driver covers a SmartCard core built into this kind of CPU. Its
    > not like an interrupt controller which is specific to the CPU. Its a
    > component like the USB and LCD controller, also built into this CPU.
    > Maybe other CPUs will follow that are also using this SmartCard core
    > (I don't know, only the manufacture knows).

    The question is really about the interface as seen from userspace - is
    that generic or could it be generic so you could write other card
    drivers for different hardware to the same user space interface ?

    > > The other question is one of API - it's going to best if the API
    > > isn't MX25 specific but could reasonably be expected to work with
    > > other future devices. A fake tty interface is probably overkill for
    > > that but it would be good to get general review of any API.
    > "faky tty"?

    Some systems have before now implemented onchip smart card interfaces
    with drivers that pretend to be a serial port talking a serial link to
    the smartcard.


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