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Subject[RFC] PyTimechart

PyTimechart is another implementation of two very useful tools
available for the linux community:
perf-timechart ( ) and bootchart ( )

The two tools share a common idea of making their output to SVG files.
While it is a very good idea for small traces, the generated SVG can
be very heavy, and turns out to be good stress tests for inkscape

PyTimechart is a tool that parses ftrace text traces, and display them
with the help of a very powerful dynamic plot framework, Chaco ( )
The GUI makes the best it can to ease the browsing of huge traces.

The best is to look at those two 30s screencasts, to figure out how that work.

a look at mplayer startup:
a look at ubuntu boot:

This tool still is in the state of a prototype, I dont know if it
worth to continue to improve it or to implement it ideas in LTTV or
Kernel Shark.
It is actually very useful in its current form (
), and will work without recompiling the kernel of recent distros.

the source code with build instruction is located here

What do you think?


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