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SubjectRe: 32GB SSD on USB1.1 P3/700 == ___HELL___ (2.6.34-rc3)

On Wed, Apr 07, 2010 at 03:00:50PM +0800, Wu Fengguang wrote:
> Many applications (this one and below) are stuck in
> wait_on_page_writeback(). I guess this is why "heavy write to
> irrelevant partition stalls the whole system". They are stuck on page
> allocation. Your 512MB system memory is a bit tight, so reclaim
> pressure is a bit high, which triggers the wait-on-writeback logic.

"Your 512MB system memory is a bit tight".
Heh, try to survive making such a statement 15 years ago ;)
(but you likely meant this in the context of inducing a whopping 300MB write)

Thank you for your reply, I'll test the patch ASAP (with large writes
and Firefox sync mixed in), maybe this will improve things already.

Andreas Mohr

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