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SubjectRe: Ugly rmap NULL ptr deref oopsie on hibernate (was Linux 2.6.34-rc3)
> (b) is also impossible. SLAB_DESTROY_BY_RCU delay the page for anon_vma 
> freeing until next rcu period. It mean rcu_read_lock()+page_mapped()
> can see kfree()ed page. but it is safe. noone corrupt it.

by the way: I haven't understand why rik's per process anon_vma concept
works correctly with ksm. ksm increase anon_vma->ksm_refcount. but it seems
not guranteed vma->anon_vma and page->anon_vma are the same.

but I guess bug reporter doesn't use ksm, it's minor feature.

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