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    SubjectThreaded irq handler question
    Hi all,

    I have a threaded irq handler attached to a level-triggered gpio
    interrupt line. The check handler checks the status of the gpio line
    and disables the irq line amd returns WAKE_THREAD in that case:

    static irqreturn_t isr_check(int irq, void *p)
    if (gpio_status()) {
    return IRQ_WAKE_THREAD;

    return IRQ_NONE;

    The thread then does some i2c transactions that will eventually
    deassert the gpio line:

    static irqreturn_t isr(int irq, void *p)
    /* do some i2c transfers */
    return IRQ_HANDLED;

    My problem is that this structure does not work, because once I call
    disable_irq_nosync() on the irq in the check handler the thread will
    no longer run because the irq is disabled. However if I don't call
    disable_irq_nosync() I will get endless irqs because the line is
    level-triggered and will not be deasserted until the thread has run.

    Could someone tell me what I'm doing wrong here?


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