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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH 09/11] sched: first draft of deadline inheritance.
On Sun, 2010-02-28 at 20:26 +0100, Raistlin wrote:
> Therefore, as of now, this patch:
> - implements priority inheritance for -deadline tasks, according to
> what described above;
> - to make this possible without rewriting outstanding chunks of
> code of both -deadline scheduling and existing PI, the task's
> relative deadline is stored in the prio field of the task_struct.
> This is done in such a way that:
> * prio is always < 0 for -deadline tasks,
> * p1->prio < p2->prio still means p1 has higher priority than
> p2, i.e., in our case, p1 has smaller relative deadline.
> - the point above means that, since prio is of int type, a relative
> deadline has to be smaller than INT_MAX. This is about 2sec,
> which is a something (we think! :-)) we can afford, at least
> for now.

Right, except that this makes the plist stuff O(INT_MAX) [ or rather
O(nr_dl_tasks) ].

But I guess it serves for testing.

I think it would be relatively straight forward to modify the existing
PI chain code to work using an RB-tree instead of the plist stuff.

An RB-tree would also make the whole ->prio mess much easier to solve,
we could simply make a more complex comparison function, like:

int rt_mutex_prio_less(struct task_struct *left, struct task_struct *right)
if (left->prio < right->prio)
return 1;

if (left->prio == right->prio && left->prio == -1) {
if (left->deadline < right->deadline)
return 1;

return 0;

Which uses the static prio -1 to represent all deadline tasks.

> - disables bandwidth throttling for tasks while they are deadline
> boosted. It also tries to make them pay back for runtime overrun
> and deadline misses in this phase, but it's only "local", in the
> sense that instances farther than the one right next to the
> overrun are not going to be direcly affected.
Yeah, good enough to start with ;-)

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