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SubjectRe: Optimal refresh rate for minimal psychovisual noise, and tuning the kernel for it.
On Mon, 29 Mar 2010 04:02:40 +0200, Uwaysi Bin Kareem  
<> wrote:

> I summed up the main points of this, in an article. Please do read.
> Peace Be With You.
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In an attempt to follow up, on this article, I would like to see if I can
further tune the system, with renice
or chrt (or schedtool.)

So I was wondering if you, or if you can point me to a place, where I can
find information on common processes in a linux system, (I am using Ubuntu
LL at the moment), and which of these are related to audiovisual
performance, and which of these I can safely renice to 14, without
affecting audiovisual performance. I would also like to know, if I should
change the scheduling type, of any of the processes.

From what I understand of processing and scheduling, some processes should
run first, aka realtime, and consume the cpu it needs, and then "casual"
tasks, who do regular duties, not related to audiovisual performance, for
a certain timeslice, or virtual cpu, and then the intensive tasks, who
consume as much cpu as they can.

I would like to try and follow such a mindset with renicing and scheduling

Peace Be With you.

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