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SubjectLinux 2.6.34-rc4

It's been two weeks rather than the usual one, because we've been hunting
a really annoying VM regression that not a lot of people seem to have
seen, but I didn't want to release an -rc4 with it. So we had the choice
of either reverting all the anon-vma scalability improvements, or finding
out exactly what caused the regression and fixing it.

And we got pretty close to the point where I was going to just revert it

Absolutely _huge_ kudos to Borislav Petkov who reported the problem and
was able to not just reliably reproduce it, but also test new patches to
try to narrow things down at a moments notice. The thing took ten days of
emails flying back and forth, and Borislav was there all the time, day and
night, through several patches that tried to fix it (several real bugs,
but not the one he hit) and lots of patches to just add instrumentation to
get us nearer to the cause of the problem.

And finally, today, confirmation that we actually nailed the problem. So
if anybody has been seeing a oops (or sometimes a GP fault) in
page_referenced(), that should be gone now.

Anyway, there's certainly been other things going on too, but the VM
regression was the one that kept me personally busy, and held up the

The bulk of the changes come from drivers - a new network driver (cxgb4),
but also updates to the radeon and nouveau drivers.

And then there is the random updates everywhere. The appended shortlog is
about as good an overview as anything.


Adam Jackson (1):
drm/edid/quirks: Envision EN2028

Ajit Khaparde (3):
be2net: fix a bug in flashing the redboot section
be2net: fix flashing on big endian architectures
be2net: fix bug in vlan rx path for big endian architecture

Al Viro (1):
Have nfs ->d_revalidate() report errors properly

Alan Jenkins (2):
ACPI: battery drivers should call power_supply_changed()

Alberto Panizzo (5):
MXC: mach-mx31_3ds: Update variable names over recent mach name modification.
MXC: mach-mx31_3ds: Add support for on board NAND Flash.
MXC: mach-mx31_3ds: Add SPI1 device support.
MXC: mach-mx31_3ds: add support for freescale mc13783 power management device.
MXC: mach_armadillo5x0: Add USB Host support.

Alex Deucher (41):
drm/radeon: add new RS880 pci id
drm/radeon/kms/atom: spread spectrum fix
drm/radeon/kms: use lcd pll limits when available
drm/radeon/kms: further spread spectrum fixes
drm/radeon/kms: fix pal tv-out support on legacy IGP chips
drm/radeon/kms: fix for hw i2c
drm/radeon/kms: fix i2c prescale calc on older radeons
drm/radeon/kms/r1xx: enable hw i2c
drm/radeon/kms/rs4xx: make sure crtcs are enabled when setting timing
drm/radeon/r600: add missing license and comments to r600_blit_shaders.c
drm/radeon/kms: expose thermal/fan i2c buses
drm/radeon/kms/pm: fix segfault in clock code
drm/radeon/kms: gfx init fixes for r6xx/r7xx
drm/radeon/kms/pm: fix typo in power table parsing
drm/radeon/kms: init rdev->num_crtc at asic init
drm/radeon/kms: display watermark fixes
drm/radeon/kms: never treat rs4xx as AGP
drm/radeon/kms: fix display bandwidth setup on rs4xx
drm/radeon/kms: remove lvds quirks
drm/radeon/kms/atom: make sure tables are valid (v2)
drm/radeon/r600: remove some regs are not safe regs for command buffers
drm/radeon/kms: fix some typos in r6xx/r7xx hpd setup
drm/radeon/r6xx/r7xx: CS parser fixes
drm/radeon/kms: bump the version for r6xx/r7xx const buffer support
drm/radeon: bump the UMS driver version for r6xx/r7xx const buffer support
drm/radeon/r6xx/r7xx: further safe reg clean up
drm/radeon/kms: fix macbookpro connector quirk
drm/radeon/kms/atom: minor fixes to transmitter setup
drm/radeon/kms/dp: remove extraneous training complete call
drm/radeon/kms: minor fixes for eDP with LCD* device tags (v2)
drm/radeon/kms/dp: disable training pattern on the sink at the end of link training
drm/radeon/kms: display watermark updates (v2)
drm/radeon/kms: disable MSI on IGP chips
drm/radeon/kms: use new pre/post_xfer i2c bit algo hooks
drm/radeon/kms: add hw_i2c module option
drm/radeon/kms/evergreen: get DP working
drm/radeon/kms/atom: fix gpio i2c table overrun (v2)
drm/radeon/kms: fix washed out image on legacy tv dac
drm/radeon/kms: legacy tv dac cleanup
drm/radeon/kms: clean up atom dac handling
drm/radeon/kms/combios: verify dac_adj values are valid

Alexander Clouter (2):
MIPS: AR7: Fix phat finger of reset bit in vlynq_high_data
MIPS: AR7: Fix phat finger of cpmac fixed_phy_add

Alexander Shishkin (1):
mb862xxfb: update Valentin's email address

Alexey Starikovskiy (1):
ACPI: EC: Allow multibyte access to EC

Alok Kataria (1):
x86, hpet: Fix bug in RTC emulation

Amerigo Wang (1):
bonding: fix potential deadlock in bond_uninit()

Amit Shah (1):
MAINTAINERS: Put the virtio-console entry in correct alphabetical order

Anders Larsen (1):
ARM: 6043/1: AT91 slow-clock resume: Don't wait for a disabled PLL to lock

Andi Kleen (1):
x86: Handle overlapping mptables

Andrea Gelmini (5):
USB gadget r8a66597-udc.c: duplicated include
ARM mach-mx3: duplicated include
ARM mach-mx3: duplicated include
Btrfs: remove duplicate include in ioctl.c
MIPS: libgcc.h: Checkpatch cleanup

Andreas Ferber (1):
MIPS: Fix SSB PCIcore IO resource management

Andrew Morton (2):
bitops: remove temporary for_each_bit()
vfs: rename block_fsync() to blkdev_fsync()

Andrew Perepechko (1):
quota: Fix possible dq_flags corruption

Andrew Stubbs (1):
sh: Fix FDPIC binary loader

Andrew Vasquez (1):
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Correct vp_idx checking during PORT_UPDATE processing.

Andy Fleming (1):
gianfar: Fix a memory leak in gianfar close code

Aneesh Kumar K.V (3):
fs/9p: Clunk the fid resulting from partial walk of the name
9p: drop nlink remove
9p: Make sure we are able to clunk the cached fid on umount

Anisse Astier (1):
HID: Add NOGET quirk for Quanta Pixart touchscreen

Anton Altaparmakov (1):
MIPS: Fix __vmalloc() etc. on MIPS for non-GPL modules

Anton Blanchard (5):
backing-dev: Handle class_create() failure
sched: Fix sched_getaffinity()
devmem: handle class_create() failure
raw: fsync method is now required
hvc_console: Fix race between hvc_close and hvc_remove

Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo (1):
perf kmem: Fix breakage introduced by 5a0e3ad slab.h script

Arun Bhanu (3):
microblaze: Add a missing single quote to make 'make help' happy
microblaze: Fix Makefile to delete build generated files
microblaze: Makefile cleanups

Ben Hutchings (2):
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Disable MSI on qla24xx chips other than QLA2432.
sparc64: Fix array size reported by vmemmap_populate()

Ben Konrath (1):
ar9170: add support for NEC WL300NU-G USB dongle

Ben Skeggs (21):
drm/nouveau: add option to allow override of dcb connector table types
drm/nouveau: Gigabyte NX85T connector table lies, it has DVI-I not HDMI
drm/nv50: fix connector table parsing for some cards
drm/nouveau: add module option to disable TV detection
drm/edid: allow certain bogus edids to hit a fixup path rather than fail
drm/nv50: fix fbcon when framebuffer above 4GiB mark
drm/nv50: add more 0x100c80 flushy magic
drm/nouveau: remove some unused members from drm_nouveau_private
drm/nouveau: detect vram amount once, and save the value
drm/nv40: rework lvds table parsing
drm/nv40: add LVDS table quirk for Dell Latitude D620
drm/nv50: fix instmem init on IGPs if stolen mem crosses 4GiB mark
drm/nouveau: fixup the init failure paths some more
drm/nv50: cleanup properly if PDISPLAY init fails
drm/nv50: preserve an unknown SOR_MODECTRL value for DP encoders
drm/nv50: punt hotplug irq handling out to workqueue
drm/nv50: another dodgy DP hack
drm/nouveau: store raw gpio table entry in bios gpio structs
drm/nv50: parse/use some more de-magiced parts of gpio table entries
drm/nv50: implement gpio set/get routines
drm/nouveau: bail out of auxch transaction if we repeatedly recieve defers

Benjamin Larsson (1):
Add a pci-id to the mwl8k driver

Bjorn Helgaas (2):
ACPI: use _HID when supplied by root-level devices
PNPACPI: truncate _CRS windows with _LEN > _MAX - _MIN + 1

Borislav Petkov (1):
perf, probe-finder: Build fix on Debian

Brian Niebuhr (1):
davinci: edma: clear events in edma_start()

Carmelo AMOROSO (1):
stmmac: fix kconfig for crc32 build error

Catalin Marinas (6):
ARM: 5993/1: ARM: Move the outer_cache definitions into a separate file (1/4)
ARM: 5994/1: ARM: Add outer_cache_fns.sync function pointer (2/4)
ARM: 5995/1: ARM: Add L2x0 outer_sync() support (3/4)
ARM: 5996/1: ARM: Change the mandatory barriers implementation (4/4)
ARM: 5997/1: ARM: Correct the VFPv3 detection
ARM: 6006/1: ARM: Use the correct NOP size in memmove for Thumb-2 kernel builds

Changli Gao (1):
net: check the length of the socket address passed to connect(2)

Chase Douglas (1):
ACPI: Reduce ACPI resource conflict message to KERN_WARNING, printk cleanup

Chien Tung (1):
RDMA/nes: Correct cap.max_inline_data assignment in nes_query_qp()

Chris Mason (2):
Btrfs: add check for changed leaves in setup_leaf_for_split
Btrfs: make sure the chunk allocator doesn't create zero length chunks

Chris Wilson (1):
drm: Return ENODEV if the inode mapping changes

Christian Borntraeger (1):
[S390] s390: disable change bit override

Clemens Ladisch (1):
PCI quirk: RS780/RS880: disable MSI behind the PCI bridge

Corentin Chary (1):
asus-laptop: fix warning in asus_handle_init

Dan Carpenter (17):
ASoC: wm8994: playback => capture
iwlwifi: range checking issue
Btrfs: dereferencing freed memory
Btrfs: handle kmalloc() failure in inode lookup ioctl
Btrfs: check btrfs_get_extent return for IS_ERR()
cciss: unlock on error path
ALSA: i2c: cleanup: change parameter to pointer
9p: return on mutex_lock_interruptible()
9p: saving negative to unsigned char
proc: copy_to_user() returns unsigned
ALSA: mixart: range checking proc file
drm/radeon/kms: small memory leak in atom exit code
mxser: spin_lock() => spin_lock_irq()
cciss: unlock on error path
IB/mlx4: Check correct variable for allocation failure
udf: potential integer overflow
[S390] sclp_async: potential buffer overflow

Daniel Mack (2):
net/wireless/libertas: do not call wiphy_unregister() w/o wiphy_register()
ALSA: ASoC: move dma_data from snd_soc_dai to snd_soc_pcm_stream

Daniel T Chen (1):
ALSA: hda: Fix 0 dB offset for Lenovo Thinkpad models using AD1981

Daniel Vetter (5):
drm/radeon: create radeon_asic.c
drm/radeon: move asic structs to radeon_asic.c
drm/radeon: unconfuse return value of radeon_asic->clear_surface_reg
drm/radeon: include radeon_asic.h in the asic specific files
drm/radeon: collect r100 asic related declarations in radeon_asic.h

Dave Airlie (5):
drm/ttm: use drm calloc large and free large
drm/radeon/kms: don't print error on -ERESTARTSYS.
drm/radeon/kms: add sanity check to wptr.
drm/radeon/kms: rs400/480 should set common registers.
drm/radeon/kms: enable ACPI powermanagement mode on radeon gpus.

David Daney (6):
MIPS: Octeon: Remove #if 0 code.
MIPS: Add SYSCALL to uasm.
MIPS: Preliminary VDSO
MIPS: Move signal trampolines off of the stack.
MIPS: Calculate proper ebase value for 64-bit kernels

David Howells (4):
frv: hide uncached_access() when pgprot_noncached is not #defined
frv: fix kernel/user segment handling in NOMMU mode
fs-cache: order the debugfs stats correctly
radix_tree_tag_get() is not as safe as the docs make out [ver #2]

David Härdeman (1):
include/linux/kfifo.h: fix INIT_KFIFO()

David Rientjes (2):
x86: Increase CONFIG_NODES_SHIFT max to 10
ACPI: NUMA: map pxms to low node ids

David S. Miller (4):
sparc: Fix regset register window handling.
sparc64: Update defconfig.
sparc64: Implement perf_arch_fetch_caller_regs
sunxvr500: Ignore secondary output PCI devices.

Dimitris Michailidis (6):
cxgb4: Add register, message, and FW definitions
cxgb4: Add HW and FW support code
cxgb4: Add packet queues and packet DMA code
cxgb4: Add remaining driver headers and L2T management
cxgb4: Add main driver file and driver Makefile
net: Hook up cxgb4 to Kconfig and Makefile

Divyesh Shah (3):
cfq-iosched: Add additional blktrace log messages in CFQ for easier debugging
cfq-iosched: Do not merge queues of BE and IDLE classes
cfq-iosched: Fix the incorrect timeslice accounting with forced_dispatch

Dmitry Monakhov (4):
blkdev: fix merge_bvec_fn return value checks v2
udf: add speciffic ->setattr callback
ext2: symlink must be handled via filesystem specific operation
ext3: symlink must be handled via filesystem specific operation

Dominik Brodowski (1):
pcmcia: fix up alignf issues

Edward Shishkin (1):
vfs: improve writeback_inodes_wb()

Eric Dumazet (2):
bonding: bond_xmit_roundrobin() fix
/dev/mem: allow rewinding

Eric Paris (1):
audit: preface audit printk with audit

FUJITA Tomonori (1):
Documentation: fix block/biodoc.txt dma mapping description

Ferenc Wagner (1):
i2o: Remove the dangerous kobj_to_i2o_device macro

Florian Fainelli (6):
MIPS: BCM63xx: Fix BCM6338 and BCM6345 gpio count
MIPS: BCM63xx: Add the RTA1025W-16 BCM6348-based board to suppported boards.
MIPS: BCM63xx: Add DWVS0 board
MIPS: BCM63xx: Register SSB SPROM fallback in board's first stage callback
MIPS: BCM63xx: Fix build failure in board_bcm963xx.c

Francisco Jerez (4):
drm/nv04-nv40: Fix up the programmed horizontal sync pulse delay.
drm/nouveau: Never evict VRAM buffers to system.
drm/nouveau: Make use of TTM busy_placements.
drm/nv40: Init some tiling-related PGRAPH state.

François Diakhaté (1):
virtio: console: Fix early_put_chars usage

Frederic Weisbecker (4):
perf: Correctly align perf event tracing buffer
perf: Use hot regs with software sched switch/migrate events
perf: Always build the stub perf_arch_fetch_caller_regs version
perf: Always build the powerpc perf_arch_fetch_caller_regs version

Gertjan van Wingerde (2):
rt2x00: Fix typo in RF register programming of rt2800.
rt2x00: Disable powersaving by default in rt2500usb.

Giel van Schijndel (1):
[WATCHDOG] doc: watchdog simple example: don't fail on fsync()

Giridhar Malavali (1):
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Updated version number to 8.03.02-k2.

Giuseppe CAVALLARO (1):
stmmac: add documentation for the driver.

Graham Gower (1):
ASoC: Fix passing platform_data to ac97 bus users and fix a leak

Hans de Goede (1):
Add USB ID for Thomson SpeedTouch 120g to p54usb id table

Harro Haan (1):
ARM: 5965/1: Fix soft lockup in at91 udc driver

Hartley Sweeten (1):
ARM: 6029/1: ep93xx: gpio.c: local functions should be static

Heiko Carstens (1):
[S390] nss: add missing .previous statement to asm function

Herbert Xu (2):
ide: Requeue request after DMA timeout
ide: Must hold queue lock when requeueing

Herton Ronaldo Krzesinski (1):
[SCSI] advansys: fix regression with request_firmware change

James Bottomley (1):
[SCSI] attirbute_container: Initialize sysfs attributes with sysfs_attr_init

James Hogan (1):
[WATCHDOG] doc: Fix use of WDIOC_SETOPTIONS ioctl.

Jan Beulich (1):
vesafb: use platform_driver_probe() instead of platform_driver_register()

Jan Kara (1):
quota: Hide warnings about writes to the filesystem before quota was turned on

Jani Nikula (1):
IB/cm: Fix device_create() return value check

Janusz Krzysztofik (1):
ASoC: OMAP: Fix capture pointer handling for OMAP1510 to work correctly with recent ALSA PCM code

Jason Gunthorpe (1):
of/flattree: Fix unhandled OF_DT_NOP tag when unflattening the device tree

Jason Wessel (6):
x86,kgdb: Always initialize the hw breakpoint attribute
kgdb: have ebin2mem call probe_kernel_write once
kgdbts,sh: Add in breakpoint pc offset for superh
kgdb: eliminate kgdb_wait(), all cpus enter the same way
kgdb: use atomic_inc and atomic_dec instead of atomic_set
kgdb: Turn off tracing while in the debugger

Jeff Mahoney (1):
reiserfs: Fix locking BUG during mount failure

Jerome Glisse (2):
drm/radeon/kms: catch atombios infinite loop and break out of it
drm/radeon/kms: avoid possible oops (call gart_fini before gart_disable)

Jiri Kosina (1):
HID: fix oops in gyration_event()

Johannes Berg (1):
mac80211: move netdev queue enabling to correct spot

John Linn (1):
microblaze: io.h: Add io big-endian function

John W. Linville (2):
wireless: convert reg_regdb_search_lock to mutex
mac80211: correct typos in "unavailable upon resume" warning

Josef Bacik (5):
Btrfs: fail to mount if we have problems reading the block groups
Btrfs: kill max_extent mount option
Btrfs: fix chunk allocate size calculation
Btrfs: fix small race with delalloc flushing waitqueue's
Btrfs: fix data enospc check overflow

Julia Lawall (8):
arch/sh/kernel: Use set_cpus_allowed_ptr
ring-buffer: Add missing unlock
drivers/serial/sunsu.c: Correct use after free
drivers/net: Add missing unlock
ALSA: echoaudio - Eliminate use after free
drivers/char/amiserial.c: add missing local_irq_restore
drivers/gpio/timbgpio.c: add missing unlock
[S390] arch/s390/kernel: Add missing unlock

Justin P. Mattock (1):
fbdev: rename imacfb.txt to efifb.txt and change imacfb to efifb.

KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki (3):
proc: pagemap: Hold mmap_sem during page walk
mm: avoid null-pointer deref in sync_mm_rss()
memcg: fix race in file_mapped accounting

KOSAKI Motohiro (1):
mm: revert "vmscan: get_scan_ratio() cleanup"

Ken Kawasaki (1):
smc91c92_cs: fix the problem of "Unable to find hardware address"

Kevin Hilman (3):
davinci: timers: don't enable timer until clocksource is initialized
davinci: DM365: fix duplicate default IRQ priorities
rwsem generic spinlock: use IRQ save/restore spinlocks

Kim Phillips (2):
net: gianfar - initialize per-queue statistics
net: gianfar - align BD ring size console messages

Lars Ellenberg (6):
drbd: fix NULL pointer dereference on 4k hard sect size
drbd: fix broken state change after split-brain attach while connected
fix unit of rs_same_csums accounting
drbd_disconnect: grab meta.socket mutex as well
drbd: add missing drbd command names to avoid <NULL> in error messages
drbd: fix al-to-on-disk-bitmap for 4k logical_block_size

Leo Chen (1):
ARM: 6024/1: bcmring: fix missing down on semaphore in dma.c

Li Hong (2):
nilfs2: fix a wrong type conversion in nilfs_ioctl()
nilfs2: Remove an uninitialization warning in nilfs_btree_propagate_v()

Li Zefan (2):
block: make CONFIG_BLK_CGROUP visible
tracing: Fix lockdep warning in global_clock()

Linus Torvalds (6):
Revert "memory-hotplug: add 0x prefix to HEX block_size_bytes"
Simplify and comment on anon_vma re-use for anon_vma_prepare()
vma_adjust: fix the copying of anon_vma chains
anon_vma: clone the anon_vma chain in the right order
anonvma: when setting up page->mapping, we need to pick the _oldest_ anonvma
Linux 2.6.34-rc4

Linus Walleij (1):
ARM: 6028/1: ARM: add MAINTAINERS for U300

Maarten Maathuis (2):
drm/nouveau: print a message very early during suspend
drm/nv50: add a memory barrier to pushbuf submission

Madhusudhan Chikkature (1):
omap hsmmc: fix a bug in card remove scenario

Manuel Lauss (1):
MIPS: Alchemy: DB1200: Remove custom wait implementation

Marc Zyngier (1):
[WATCHDOG] set max63xx driver as ARM only

Marcin Kościelnicki (7):
drm/nv50: Remove redundant/incorrect ctxvals initialisation.
drm/nouveau: Fix fbcon corruption with font width not divisible by 8
drm/nv50: Make ctxprog wait until interrupt handler is done.
drm/nv50: Improve PGRAPH interrupt handling.
drm/nv50: Fix NEWCTX_DONE flag number
drm/nv50: Allow using the NVA3 new compute class.
drm/nv50: Add NVA3 support in ctxprog/ctxvals generator.

Mark Brown (5):
ASoC: Avoid wraparound in wm_hubs DC servo correction
ASoC: Support second DC servo readback method for wm_hubs
ASoC: Don't do runtime wm_hubs DC servo updates if using offset correction
ASoC: Don't use DCS_DATAPATH_BUSY for WM hubs devices
ASoC: Only do WM8994 bias off transition from standby

Mark Lord (1):
libata: Fix accesses at LBA28 boundary (old bug, but nasty) (v2)

Martin K. Petersen (3):
block: Fix overrun in lcm() and move it to lib
block: Finalize conversion of block limits functions
block: Export max number of segments and max segment size in sysfs

Martin Schwidefsky (3):
[S390] fix io_return critical section cleanup
[S390] increase default size of vmalloc area
[S390] Update default configuration.

Matt Fleming (2):
sh: update the TLB replacement counter for entry wiring.
sh: Enable the mmu in start_secondary()

Matt Helsley (1):
Freezer: Fix buggy resume test for tasks frozen with cgroup freezer

Matthew Garrett (1):
ACPI: Don't send KEY_UNKNOWN for random video notifications

Maxime Bizon (4):
MIPS: BCM63xx: Fix double gpio registration.
MIPS: BCM63xx: Add support for second uart.
MIPS: BCM63xx: Fix typo in cpu-feature-overrides file.
MIPS: BCM63xx: Initialize gpio_out_low & out_high to current value at boot.

Miao Xie (1):
Btrfs: add NULL check for do_walk_down()

Michael Hernandez (1):
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Check to make sure multique and CPU affinity support is not enabled at the same time.

Michael Reed (1):
[SCSI] qla1280: retain firmware for error recovery

Michael S. Tsirkin (1):
virtio: disable multiport console support.

Michal Simek (34):
microblaze: Remove memset in free_init_pages
microblaze: Remove segment.h
microblaze: Move exception_table_entry upward
microblaze: move noMMU __range_ok function to uaccess.h
microblaze: uaccess: fix clean user macro
microblaze: uaccess: fix __get_user_asm macro
microblaze: uaccess: fix put_user and get_user macros
microblaze: uaccess: sync put/get/clear_user macros
microblaze: uaccess: copy_to_user unification
microblaze: uaccess: fix copy_from_user macro
microblaze: uaccess: Fix strncpy_from_user function
microblaze: uaccess: fix clear_user for noMMU kernel
microblaze: uaccess: Fix get_user macro for noMMU
microblaze: uaccess: Fix put_user for noMMU
microblaze: uaccess: Move functions to generic location
microblaze: uaccess: Unify __copy_tofrom_user
microblaze: uaccess: Sync strlen, strnlen, copy_to/from_user
microblaze: Support systems without lmb bram
microblaze: Add DEBUG option
microblaze: Prepare work for optimization in exception code
microblaze: Change register usage for ESR and EAR
microblaze: Remove additional resr and rear loading
microblaze: Use instruction with delay slot
microblaze: Fix TLB macros
microblaze: Add .type and .size to ASM functions
microblaze: Adding likely macros
microblaze: Kconfig Fix - pci
microblaze: Use MICROBLAZE_TLB_SIZE in asm code
microblaze: head.S typo fix
microblaze: Print early printk information to log buffer
microblaze: Support word copying in copy_tofrom_user
microblaze: Fix futex code
microblaze: Enable memory leak detector
microblaze: Remove unused variable from ptrace

Michel Dänzer (2):
drm/radeon/kms: Only restrict BO to visible VRAM size when pinning to VRAM.
drm/radeon: R300 AD only has one quad pipe.

Mika Westerberg (1):
ARM: 6005/1: arm: kprobes: fix register corruption with jprobes

Mike Christie (1):
[SCSI] libiscsi: Fix recovery slowdown regression

Mike Galbraith (2):
perf: Fix 'perf sched record' deadlock
sched: Fix proc_sched_set_task()

Mikulas Patocka (1):
ide: Fix IDE taskfile with cfq scheduler

Naoya Horiguchi (1):
pagemap: fix pfn calculation for hugepage

Neil Horman (1):
r8169: clean up my printk uglyness

NeilBrown (1):

Nick Piggin (2):
Btrfs: use add_to_page_cache_lru, use __page_cache_alloc
Fix up possibly racy module refcounting

Nikanth Karthikesan (1):
loop: Update mtime when writing using aops

Nikolaus Schulz (1):
fat: fix buffer overflow in vfat_create_shortname()

Oleg Nesterov (3):
oom: fix the unsafe usage of badness() in proc_oom_score()
sched: set_cpus_allowed_ptr(): Don't use rq->migration_thread after unlock
tty: release_one_tty() forgets to put pids

Pallipadi, Venkatesh (1):
x86, hpet: Erratum workaround for read after write of HPET comparator

Paul Moore (1):
netlabel: Fix several rcu_dereference() calls used without RCU read locks

Paul Mundt (2):
sh: export return_address() symbol.
sh: Fix up the SH-3 build for recent TLB changes.

Pauli Nieminen (1):
drm/radeon/kms: Fix NULL pointer dereference if memory allocation failed.

Pavel Shilovsky (2):
[CIFS] Add mmap for direct, nobrl cifs mount types
not overwriting file_lock structure after GET_LK

Pekka Enberg (2):
slab: Generify kernel pointer validation
slub: Fix kmem_ptr_validate() for non-kernel pointers

Peter Zijlstra (2):
x86: Move notify_cpu_starting() callback to a later stage
perf, x86: Fix AMD hotplug & constraint initialization

Philipp Reisner (6):
drbd: --dry-run option for drbdsetup net ( drbdadm -- --dry-run connect <res> )
drbd: Reduce the time an empty resync takes usually
drbd: Make sure we do not send state updates during an empty resync [Bugz 271]
drbd: Forcing primary should also work for Consistent disks [Bugz 266]
drbd: Renamed overwrite_peer to primary_force
drbd: lc_element_by_index() never returns NULL

Porsch, Marco (1):
mac80211: fix PREQ processing and one small bug

Rabin Vincent (1):
ARM: 6031/1: fix Thumb-2 decompressor

Rafael J. Wysocki (2):
ACPI / ACPICA: Do not check reference counters in acpi_ev_enable_gpe()
ACPI / PM: Move ACPI video resume to a PM notifier

Rafał Miłecki (8):
drm/radeon/kms: clean HDMI definitions
drm/radeon/kms: clean assigning HDMI blocks to encoders
drm/radeon/kms: add HDMI code for pre-DCE3 R6xx GPUs
drm/radeon/kms: enable audio engine on DCE32
drm/radeon/kms: remove dead audio/HDMI code
drm/radeon/kms: improve coding style a little
drm/radeon/kms: switch to condition waiting for reclocking
drm/radeon/kms: prepare for more reclocking operations

Ralf Baechle (8):
MIPS: Fix build breakage if CONFIG_DEBUG_FS is enabled.
MIPS: Cavium: Remove unused watchdog code.
MIPS: delay: Fix use of current_cpu_data in preemptable code.
MIPS: Fix elfcore.c build warning
MIPS: Sibyte: Apply M3 workaround only on affected chip types and versions.
MIPS: uasm: Add OR instruction.
MIPS: Sibyte: Fix M3 TLB exception handler workaround.
MIPS: Big Sur: Make defconfig more useful.

Randy Dunlap (5):
drm/vmwgfx: depends on FB
kmemcheck: Fix build errors due to missing slab.h
module: add stub for is_module_percpu_address
drm: fix build error when SYSRQ is disabled
mb862xxfb: fix acceleration module license

Reinette Chatre (1):
iwlwifi: fix regulatory

Richard Kennedy (1):
block: remove 16 bytes of padding from struct request on 64bits

Ricky Benitez (1):
block: expose the statistics in blkio.time and blkio.sectors for the root cgroup

Rik van Riel (1):
rmap: fix anon_vma_fork() memory leak

Robert P. J. Day (2):
drm: "kobject_init/kobject_add" -> "kobject_init_and_add".
MIPS: Initialize an atomic_t properly with ATOMIC_INIT(0).

Roel Kluin (1):
paride: fix off-by-one test

Roman Fietze (1):
powerpc/5200: in lpbfifo, flag DMA irqs as enabled after requesting them

Russell King (1):
ARM: Fix ioremap_cached()/ioremap_wc() for SMP platforms

Rusty Russell (1):
virtio: console makes incorrect assumption about virtio API

Ryusuke Konishi (1):
nilfs2: fix typo "numer" -> "number" in alloc.c

Sage Weil (1):
Btrfs: create snapshot references in same commit as snapshot

Santosh Vernekar (2):
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Honour "Extended BB credits" bit for CNAs.
[SCSI] qla2xxx: Prevent sending mbx commands from sysfs during isp reset.

Sarang Radke (1):
[SCSI] scsi_transport_fc: Make sure commands are completed when rport is offline

Sascha Hauer (5):
i.MX51 Babbage: Add uncompress output
i.MX51: Use correct clock for gpt
i.MX51: map TZIC dynamically
i.MX51: determine silicon revision dynamically
i.MX51: remove NFC AXI static mapping

Sean Hefty (1):
RDMA/cm: Set num_paths when manually assigning path records

Sean MacLennan (1):
[WATCHDOG] powerpc: pika_wdt ident cannot be const

Sekhar Nori (1):
davinci: da8xx/omap-l1: fix build error when CONFIG_DAVINCI_MUX is undefined

Sergei Shtylyov (1):
davinci: fix compile warning: <mach/da8xx.h>: #include <linux/platform_device.h>

Sergey Senozhatsky (1):
drivers/thermal/thermal_sys.c: fix 'key f70f4b50 not in .data' in thermal_sys

Seth Heasley (1):
[WATCHDOG] iTCO_wdt: TCO Watchdog patch for additional Intel Cougar Point DeviceIDs

Shanyu Zhao (1):
iwlwifi: clear unattended interrupts in tasklet

Shaohua Li (2):
cfq-iosched: fix a kbuild regression
x86-32, resume: do a global tlb flush in S4 resume

Sripathi Kodi (3):
9p: Fix setting of protocol flags in v9fs_session_info structure.
9p: documentation update
9p: Creating files with names too long should fail with ENAMETOOLONG.

Steve French (1):
[CIFS] initialize nbytes at the beginning of CIFSSMBWrite()

Steven J. Magnani (3):
net: Fix oops from tcp_collapse() when using splice()
microblaze: Fix "kstack=" parsing
microblaze: Fix ftrace_update_ftrace_func panic

Suresh Jayaraman (1):
cifs: Fix a kernel BUG with remote OS/2 server (try #3)

Suresh Siddha (1):
x86: Fix double enable_IR_x2apic() call on SMP kernel on !SMP boards

Takashi Iwai (6):
ALSA: hda - Fix invalid bit values passed to snd_hda_codec_amp_stereo()
ALSA: hda - Fix ADC/MUX assignment of ALC269 codec
ALSA: hda - Add missing printk argument in previous patch
ALSA: hda - Update document about MSI and interrupts
ALSA: hda - Add MSI blacklist for Aopen MZ915-M
ALSA: hda - Fix a wrong array range check in patch_realtek.c

Tejun Heo (12):
module: encapsulate percpu handling better and record percpu_size
percpu, module: implement and use is_kernel/module_percpu_address()
x86: don't include slab.h from arch/x86/include/asm/pgtable_32.h
iwlwifi: don't include iwl-dev.h from iwl-devtrace.h
include cleanup: Update gfp.h and slab.h includes to prepare for breaking implicit slab.h inclusion from percpu.h
percpu: don't implicitly include slab.h from percpu.h
staging/otus: include slab.h from usbdrv.h
eeepc-wmi: include slab.h
libata: don't whine on spurious IRQ
libata: disable NCQ on Crucial C300 SSD
libata: unlock HPA if device shrunk
nodemask: include slab.h from drivers/base/node.c

Thomas Gleixner (2):
block: drbd: Convert semaphore to mutex
genirq: Force MSI irq handlers to run with interrupts disabled

Thomas Mingarelli (1):
[WATCHDOG] hpwdt - fix lower timeout limit

Timur Tabi (1):
powerpc/fsl: add device tree binding for QE firmware

Tom Tucker (1):
svcrdma: RDMA support not yet compatible with RPC6

Tom Zanussi (1):
perf/scripts: Tuple was set from long in both branches in python_process_event()

Tony Vroon (1):
ALSA: hda - Enable amplifiers on Acer Inspire 6530G

Torok Edwin (1):
perf, x86: Fix callgraphs of 32-bit processes on 64-bit kernels

Valentin Longchamp (1):
setup correct int pipe type in ar9170_usb_exec_cmd

Vince Weaver (1):
perf, x86: Enable Nehalem-EX support

Vladimir Zapolskiy (4):
imx31: fix parent clock for rtc
imx3: Add watchdog platform device support
imx31: add watchdog device on litekit board.
rtc-mxc: multiple fixes in rtc-mxc probe method

Wey-Yi Guy (1):
iwlwifi: counting number of tfds can be free for 4965

William Cohen (1):
Add DocBook documentation for the block tracepoints.

Wolfram Sang (1):
device_attributes: add sysfs_attr_init() for dynamic attributes

Wu Fengguang (1):
readahead: fix NULL filp dereference

Wu Zhangjin (4):
MIPS: Trace: Don't trace irqsoff for the idle process
MIPS: Lemote 2F: Ensure atomic execution of _rdmsr and _wrmsr
MIPS: Loongson: Add module info to the loongson2_clock driver
MIPS: Loongson-2F: Flush the branch target history in BTB and RAS

Xiaotian Feng (1):
Freezer: Only show the state of tasks refusing to freeze

Yang Shi (1):
MIPS: Octeon: Remove redundant declaration of octeon_reserve32_memory

Yinghai Lu (4):
x86: Make e820_remove_range to handle all covered case
nobootmem, x86: Fix 32bit numa system without RAM on node 0
bootmem, x86: Fix 32bit numa system without RAM on node 0
ibft, x86: Change reserve_ibft_region() to find_ibft_region()

Yong Wang (1):
eeepc-wmi: new driver for WMI based hotkeys on Eee PC laptops

Yong Zhang (3):
ratelimit: annotate ___ratelimit()
kernel.h: fix wrong usage of __ratelimit()
ratelimit: fix the return value when __ratelimit() fails to acquire the lock

Yusuke Goda (1):
sh: Update ecovec_defconfig

Zhang Rui (2):
ACPI dock: support multiple ACPI dock devices
ACPI: fixes a false alarm from lockdep

Zhao Lei (3):
Btrfs: Remove unnecessary finish_wait() in wait_current_trans()
Btrfs: Add error handle for btrfs_search_slot() in btrfs_read_chunk_tree()
Btrfs: Simplify num_stripes's calculation logical for __btrfs_alloc_chunk()

Zhao Yakui (1):
drm: remove the EDID blob stored in the EDID property when it is disconnected

viresh kumar (4):
ARM: 5999/1: Including device.h and resource.h header files in linux/amba/bus.h
ARM: 6000/1: removing compilation warning comming from <asm/irq.h>
ARM: 6001/1: removing compilation warning comming from clkdev.h
ARM: 6003/1: removing compilation warning from pl061.h (1):
Block: Fix block/elevator.c elevator_get() off-by-one error
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