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SubjectRe: [BUG?] hid-core.c: hid->name = dev->manufacturer + dev->product ... why not + dev->serial?
* Dmitry Torokhov -- Tuesday 09 March 2010:
> Have you considered the fact that maybe you not using the right interface?

No. Because I'm not talking about *writing* an application, but about
*using* applications written by others. The producer of my two BU0836A
knows that the devices are different, I know that they are different,
the kernel knows that they are different, but the applications don't
know that, because the kernel doesn't tell them (via JSIOCGNAME).

> You need to work with guys at (which stands
> for Industrial I/O which is exactly what you are working with).

Hmm, then I wonder why the joystick names are different on Windows and
Linux already. :-}

unpatched Linux: "Leo Bodnar BU0836A Interface"
(Vista?) Windows: "BU0836A Interface" (not even the manufacturer ... pff)

Oh, well. Forget it. I'll just distribute the patch, then. I didn't have
much hope, anyway.


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