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SubjectLinux 2.6.34-rc1

It's out there now. I still have a few trees I already got pull requests
for, and that I want to look over a bit more (ceph, gdb tree etc), and
it's possible that I've just overlooked some other pull request.

So if you feel like you sent me a pull request bit might have been
over-looked, please point that out to me, but in general the merge window
is over. And as promised, if you left your pull request to the last day of
a two-week window, you're now going to have to wait for the 2.6.35 window.

As usual, there's tons of changes, with about 50% of the changes being
under drivers/. With an additional 5% in sound/, which has its own
subdirectory, and 10% being firmware/, we're looking at about two thirds
being driver-related.

Of the remaining, about half is arch updqates (mainly arm, mips, ppc, sh
and x86), and half is "rest". Which includes things like a new filesystem
(logfs - as mentioned, there's another one pending too, so we might have
two new ones in 2.6.34).

All in all, about 850 developers involved so far (there migth be a few
dups there, I didn't check too closely), 6500+ files changed, 400,000+
lines added, ~175,000 lines deleted. Too much to really summarize, in
other words.

The thing that bit me, and might bite a few others, is that if you're
using Nouveau, you'll have to install new libdrm/nouveau_drv versions.
Other than that, if something doesn't work, please holler!


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