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SubjectRe: Info on AT91 patches against mainline kernel

2010/2/25 Ravi Kumar Kulkarni <>:
> Hi all,
> I want some info on the status of AT91 Patches against the mailine kernel
> tree.I'm having a AT91 SOC board AT91SAM9261. The Note on their website
> (wwwdotlinux4samdotorg)says to get a kernel up on the board we have to apply
> the AT91 patch set maintained by Andrew Victor which is located at
> ( . There are only patches upto 2.6.31. so
> does tat mean i cannot compile the latest mainline kernel (2.6.33) for my

You do not necessarily need the at91-patchset from Andrew.
2.6.33 works fine on at91sam9261 without it...


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