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SubjectRe: KVM warning about uncertified CPU for SMP for AMD model 2, stepping 3
> >I guess these warnings could be just disabled. With nearly everyone
> >using multi-core these days they are kind of obsolete anyways.
> Well, the warning refers to an old single-core only CPU model. Most of
> those were able to run in SMP boards, but only a subset of them was
> officially certified to do so (Athlon-MP instead of Athlon-XP).

Thanks for pointing out the obvious.

> To avoid complaints about instability of such systems, the warning was
> introduced. If you consider these systems still supported, I wouldn't
> disable this warning, at least the check should be disabled only if the
> hypervisor CPUID bit is set.

The point was that everyone can have a multi-core system for cheap
these days, no real motivation for anyone anymore to use old unsupported
configurations to get one.


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