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Subject[018/116] Bluetooth: Fix sleeping function in RFCOMM within invalid context
2.6.32-stable review patch.  If anyone has any objections, please let us know.


From: Marcel Holtmann <>

commit 485f1eff73a7b932fd3abb0dfcf804e1a1f59025 upstream.

With the commit 9e726b17422bade75fba94e625cd35fd1353e682 the
rfcomm_session_put() gets accidentially called from a timeout
callback and results in this:

BUG: sleeping function called from invalid context at net/core/sock.c:1897
in_atomic(): 1, irqs_disabled(): 0, pid: 0, name: swapper
Pid: 0, comm: swapper Tainted: P 2.6.32 #31
Call Trace:
<IRQ> [<ffffffff81036455>] __might_sleep+0xf8/0xfa
[<ffffffff8138ef1d>] lock_sock_nested+0x29/0xc4
[<ffffffffa03921b3>] lock_sock+0xb/0xd [l2cap]
[<ffffffffa03948e6>] l2cap_sock_shutdown+0x1c/0x76 [l2cap]
[<ffffffff8106adea>] ? clockevents_program_event+0x75/0x7e
[<ffffffff8106bea2>] ? tick_dev_program_event+0x37/0xa5
[<ffffffffa0394967>] l2cap_sock_release+0x27/0x67 [l2cap]
[<ffffffff8138c971>] sock_release+0x1a/0x67
[<ffffffffa03d2492>] rfcomm_session_del+0x34/0x53 [rfcomm]
[<ffffffffa03d24c5>] rfcomm_session_put+0x14/0x16 [rfcomm]
[<ffffffffa03d28b4>] rfcomm_session_timeout+0xe/0x1a [rfcomm]
[<ffffffff810554a8>] run_timer_softirq+0x1e2/0x29a
[<ffffffffa03d28a6>] ? rfcomm_session_timeout+0x0/0x1a [rfcomm]
[<ffffffff8104e0f6>] __do_softirq+0xfe/0x1c5
[<ffffffff8100e8ce>] ? timer_interrupt+0x1a/0x21
[<ffffffff8100cc4c>] call_softirq+0x1c/0x28
[<ffffffff8100e05b>] do_softirq+0x33/0x6b
[<ffffffff8104daf6>] irq_exit+0x36/0x85
[<ffffffff8100d7a9>] do_IRQ+0xa6/0xbd
[<ffffffff8100c493>] ret_from_intr+0x0/0xa
<EOI> [<ffffffff812585b3>] ? acpi_idle_enter_bm+0x269/0x294
[<ffffffff812585a9>] ? acpi_idle_enter_bm+0x25f/0x294
[<ffffffff81373ddc>] ? cpuidle_idle_call+0x97/0x107
[<ffffffff8100aca0>] ? cpu_idle+0x53/0xaa
[<ffffffff81429006>] ? rest_init+0x7a/0x7c
[<ffffffff8177bc8c>] ? start_kernel+0x389/0x394
[<ffffffff8177b29c>] ? x86_64_start_reservations+0xac/0xb0
[<ffffffff8177b384>] ? x86_64_start_kernel+0xe4/0xeb

To fix this, the rfcomm_session_put() needs to be moved out of
rfcomm_session_timeout() into rfcomm_process_sessions(). In that
context it is perfectly fine to sleep and disconnect the socket.

Signed-off-by: Marcel Holtmann <>
Tested-by: David John <>
Cc: Chase Douglas <>
Signed-off-by: Greg Kroah-Hartman <>

net/bluetooth/rfcomm/core.c | 2 +-
1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

--- a/net/bluetooth/rfcomm/core.c
+++ b/net/bluetooth/rfcomm/core.c
@@ -251,7 +251,6 @@ static void rfcomm_session_timeout(unsig
BT_DBG("session %p state %ld", s, s->state);

set_bit(RFCOMM_TIMED_OUT, &s->flags);
- rfcomm_session_put(s);

@@ -1917,6 +1916,7 @@ static inline void rfcomm_process_sessio
if (test_and_clear_bit(RFCOMM_TIMED_OUT, &s->flags)) {
s->state = BT_DISCONN;
rfcomm_send_disc(s, 0);
+ rfcomm_session_put(s);

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