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Subject4 stable kernel review cycles starting
Hi all,

Well, I up and moved cities and caused a bunch of stable patches to be
backlogged. I've caught up with all of the ones that were marked as
being wished to be applied to the stable trees, and still have a bunch
of pending requests still queued up in my mailbox.

But, due to the number of the current patches already applied, it is
time to just let these go and work on the other pending stuff after

So don't worry, if anyone has asked for some patches to be applied to
some stable trees, and you don't see it here, just give it some time,
I'm still catching up on things (hey, I'm just happy I have an internet
connection again...)

Oh, and yes, here's a .31 update. I had a bunch of pending patches for
that tree sitting around, and thought it wise to just push it out for
the distros that still rely on it to sync up and make sure they get all
of the bugfixes that are known. I don't think I'll do another .31
releaase again, just this once.


greg "surrounded by boxes" k-h

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