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SubjectRe: what the patches do Re: [RFC 10/15] PM / Hibernate: user, implement user_ops reader
On Thursday 25 March 2010, Nigel Cunningham wrote:
> Hi.
> On 25/03/10 16:30, Pavel Machek wrote:
> [...]
> > I have some problems with sws_module_ops interface (handcoded locking
> > is too ugly to live), but it is better than I expected. But there may
> > be better solution available, one that does not need two interfaces to
> > maintain (we can't really get rid of userland interface). What about
> > this?
> Just picking up on that bracketed part: Can we flag the userland
> interface (and uswsusp) as being planned for eventual removal now... or
> at least agree to work toward that?

No, we can't.

> I'm asking because if we're going to make a go of getting the in-kernel
> code in much better shape, and we have Rafael, Jiri and I - and you? -
> all pulling in the same direction to improve it, there's going to come a
> point (hopefully not too far away) where uswsusp is just making life too
> difficult, and getting rid of it will be a big help.

We're not dropping user space interfaces used by every distro I know of.


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