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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/3] sched: use EDF to throttle RT task groups v2

> > The biggest problem with the four files used in the current implementation
> > is that bandwidth assignments should be atomic (because setting all the
> > parameters independently can force the system to go through non-feasible
> > assignments, and the order to use when assigning runtime and period
> > changes depending on the direction of the change). I know this is a
> > dangerous question, but I'll try it anyway: are we ready for multi-valued
> > cgroup parameters?
> Right, I don't know about multi-valued files, that sounds like its going
> to confuse people too.

True, but after having used the current interface I feel multi-valued
files will be better. For an idea, this is how I currently change
bandwidth allocated to a group.

(I am ignoring cpu.rt_ prefixes and _us suffixes for the filenames)

Starting state: task_runtime: 100000, task_period: 1000000.
runtime=200000, period=1000000

Suppose I want to bring down the periods to 100000, then first I need
to change task_runtime to 10000, then the task period, then the runtime
and finally the period.

If I want to go the opposite way, then first I need to increase the
periods and then the runtimes.

But I can also see why one would not want a multi-valued interface, esp
when the idea is just to change the runtimes. (though there is a
complicated interaction between task_runtime and runtime which I am not
sure how to avoid).

IOW, this interface sucks :-). We really need something better and
easier to use. (Sorry for no constructive input)


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