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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 12/24] media/video: fix dangling pointers
    Hello Hans,

    > > Fix I2C-drivers which missed setting clientdata to NULL before freeing the
    > > structure it points to. Also fix drivers which do this _after_ the structure
    > > was freed already.
    > I feel I am missing something here. Why does clientdata have to be set to
    > NULL when we are tearing down the device anyway?
    > And if there is a good reason for doing this, then it should be done in
    > v4l2_device_unregister_subdev or even in the i2c core, not in each drivers.

    Discussion to take this into the i2c-layer has already started. Regarding V4L,
    I noticed there is a v4l2_i2c_subdev_init() but no v4l2_i2c_subdev_exit(), so I
    grepped what drivers are doing. There are some which set clientdata to NULL, so
    I thought this was accepted in general.

    > And why does coccinelle apparently find this in e.g. cs5345.c but not in
    > saa7115.c, which has exactly the same construct? For that matter, I think

    It was the to_state()-call inside kfree() which prevented the match. I would
    need to extend my patch for V4L, it seems.



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