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SubjectRe: [PATCH 13/24] mfd: fix dangling pointers
Hello Mark,

> but it really does seem like this is something that the I2C core ought
> to handle - the assignment to null is boiler plate code that's getting
> added to the overwhelming majority of I2C devices in their teardown
> path, it'd seem a lot more sensible for the core to just trash driver
> data after the driver is unbound if it's important that this happens.

While working on this, I got the same impression that it should be handled at
core-level. I wondered if functions ala i2c_alloc_clientdata() and
i2c_free_clientdata() could help. But seeing the myriad ways of setting up
private data in those drivers, I thought this to be the next step after
cleaning up the status quo, because it surely needs discussion. I wanted to
write about all this in the introductory message but sadly forgot. Thanks for
starting the discussion, very welcome.



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