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    Subject[PATCH 0/3 RFCv4] add support for Janz MODULbus devices
    This patch series adds support for the Janz CMOD-IO carrier board, as well
    as the Janz VMOD-ICAN3 Intelligent CAN controller and the Janz VMOD-TTL
    Digital IO controller. The CMOD-IO carrier board is a PCI to MODULbus
    bridge, into which plug MODULbus daughterboards. I only have access to two
    types of daughtercards, the VMOD-ICAN3 and VMOD-TTL boards mentioned above.

    The CAN driver has been tested under high loads. I am able to generate ~60%
    bus utilization. With two VMOD-ICAN3 boards looped back to each other,
    neither one loses any packets when only a single board is generating
    packets at maximum speed. Once both boards start generating packets, one
    board will sometimes loose arbitration, and cause some lost packets.

    RFCv3 -> RFCv4:
    - addressed many review comments
    - switch to NAPI
    - add TX flow control
    - mark functions with __devinit and __devexit
    - add sysfs readout of MODULbus number (hex switch)
    - implement GPIO driver for VMOD-TTL

    RFCv2 -> RFCv3:
    - addressed many review comments
    - correct CAN bus error handling
    - use struct device to track subdevices
    - use structures for register layout
    - add lots of #defines for register values
    - use better function prefixes

    RFCv1 -> RFCv2:
    - converted to a multi-driver model
    - addressed many review comments
    - added CAN bus error handling
    - use a work function only instead of work + NAPI
    - use SJA1000 bittiming calculation code

    I appreciate any review you can offer.


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