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SubjectRe: Intel SASMF8I
On 19.03.10 23:46, Ilia Mirkin wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 6:39 PM, Marco Schindler
> <> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> this card (using LSISAS1068(E)) is not recognized by FUSION_SAS, after
>> patching the device code it appears to work nicely.
> I was 99% of the way there to submit a similar patch (actually there's
> a few more places where you want to add the new ID), but noticed a
> previous discussion when a comparable patch was rejected. Turns out
> there was a jumper on my motherboard (Supermicro X8DT3) which switches
> between "raid" and "regular" mode (except they were called something
> much fancier), and the regular mode switches the PCI ID to 0x58 which
> in turn is recognized. [And the mptsas driver doesn't support the RAID
> features anyways... there's a what appears to be proprietary driver
> for that, megasr, which I did not need.]

SASMF8I doesn't seem to have any jumpers for "regular" mode and I don't
want to use the sw raid of the chip. As far as I remember megasr didn't
let me access drives directly. Is there no option then, except patching

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