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    Subject[KORG] Availability of SSL on
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    Afternoon Everyone,

    I would like to go ahead and announce the general availability of SSL
    support for a number of the services on! This should help
    provide an additional level of security, in particular for our dynamic
    content like the wiki's, patchwork and bugzilla.

    The certificates have been very graciously donated and signed by Thawte,
    and we at greatly appreciate their support of Open Source!
    These signed certificates make it trivial for our users to make use of
    this additional layer of security, and alleviates a large amount of
    support effort that self-signed certificates would have incurred.

    "Thawte is proud of its open source lineage. Providing free
    certificates to community projects is just a small way of not
    only supporting the community but returning the favor. Please
    spread the word."

    Services that are now by default using SSL:

    * Bugzilla
    * Wikis
    * Account Requests
    * Patchwork

    These are using an HTTP redirect so you should need to do anything
    for these to just work.

    Services that have can optionally use SSL:


    Just use https vs. http, there is no automatic redirection for these

    Services that DO NOT offer SSL:


    These machines move a large amount of data to a large number of
    users and it would be difficult, and memory intensive, to provide
    SSL for this service. I don't foresee enabling SSL for

    * *.[us | [nl.|se.]eu | geo | all] dns entries

    These would require too many distinct certificates to adequately
    cover, and are generally not user facing. These still have
    the SSL certificates available to them, but the address will not
    match the CN in the certificate.

    As always if you encounter problems, e-mail ftpadmin or catch us on IRC.
    I've done a fair amount of testing of this on my own - but due to the
    large number of possible clients it's impossible for me to have tested
    this from every possible angle.

    - - John 'Warthog9' Hawley
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