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SubjectRe: Will's kernel compilation error
On 17/03/10 08:34, Raúl Porcel wrote:
> Have one.
> My error is as follows:
> net/built-in.o: In function `svc_auth_unregister':
> (.text+0xb822c): relocation truncated to fit: GPREL16 against `.sbss'

Right, I've confirmed that with the supplied config. What's happening
is that the small data area (where certain static data are stored) has
exceeded 64kB which is the limit under the small data model. As noted
elsewhere on this thread it can be solved by compiling with the large
data model, but that incurs extra CPU instructions whenever the data
area is accessed.

A better solution, in my view, is to concert some drivers to modules. I
note that the config has a large number of devices to be built (some of
which are denoted as having been tested on x86/x86_64/ia64 only). I
converted a few drivers, and most of the selected filesystems (do you
really need them all at boot time?) into modules. The kernel then
builds correctly.

But if people insist on being able to build impractical monolithic
kernels on Alpha I will post my patch to add a kernel option for the
large data model.

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