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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 0/4] RDC321x southbridge and GPIO support
Hi Florian,

> Here are 4 patches relative to adding support for the RDC321x southbridge.
> This southbridge is present on all x86-based RDC321x System-on-a-Chip and
> provides access to GPIOs and Wathchdog. The watchdog driver is already merged.
> Samuel, this is rebased on top of your mfd-2.6 master branch after commit
> 522dba7 and I think the 4 patches should go via your tree to make sure the
> merge is consistent.
> Thank you.
> Florian Fainelli (4):
> x86: remove rdc321x_defs.h
> MFD: add support for the RDC321x southbridge
> GPIO: add support for RDC321x GPIO controller
> WATCHDOG: convert rdc321x_wdt to use southbridge accessors

Watchdog part is OK for me. So Acked-by me can be added.
Personally I don't like the fact that you remove the rdc321x_defs.h file as the first patch.
If someone bisects the kernel, he will get a broken driver between the first and the fourth patch.

Kind regards,

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