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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] char drivers: Ram oops/panic logger
2010/3/15 Jamie Lokier <>:
> Marco Stornelli wrote:
>> Il 13/03/2010 00:31, Jamie Lokier ha scritto:
>> I agree, but the bootloader should be aware of it. I mean, usually
>> bootloaders at boot, reset the RAM, so you have to tell to the
>> bootloader that you are using a piece of RAM as persistent RAM, for
>> example U-Boot has got a specific option CONFIG_PRAM. I don't know if
>> all the process can be completely transparent to the admin in all
>> situations.
> Sometimes you can't change the bootloader (they don't always come with
> source code).  Or you could, but you don't want to risk it (there
> isn't always a way to recover if you break it).
> Obviously then the feature is only useful when the bootloader doesn't
> clear all the RAM :-)
> On slow boards in consumer devices, they sometimes avoid clearing the
> RAM because that adds measurable boot time.

In the embedded world, usually, you can change/write the fw and you
know well the memory map, so no problem to know the address to use. In
other cases, it can be possible to use a "transparent" approach, but
in my opinion the general approach used by the driver is enough.

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